About us

The idea for Northern Confections was probably years in the making, but it didn't actually happen until Todd Gibbons, co-owner of Northern Confections found himself as an unemployed candy maker in 2006.

Determined to create a retail store that was built on friendly service and reasonable prices that encouraged customer loyalty, Todd and his wife, Heather sat down and started creating their vision.

In 2007, Todd had the opportunity to become part of a Government program for new entrepreneurs. With a solid business plan and a vast amount of knowledge in the candy business, particularly handmade fudges and brittles, he scouted out a location in Wiarton, Ontario and set up shop in May of 2008.

The business was an immediate success and Todd and Heather contribute their achievement to offering exceptional customer service. They both have strong beliefs in offering honest, courteous service and that is demonstrated in the way customers are greeted each time they return.

Todd and Heather Gibbons